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i've got daydreams galore

22 February

{DESTIPARTED; and he grows up to be a sniper}
annie. fifteen. asian. violinist. thinker. athlete.
fangirl. yankee-obsesser. guitar heroer. writer.

house/cuddy. NCIS. pomegranate seeds. house. a ton of pairings.
tuning strings. lolling. polaroid's. classic films.
yankee stadium. sunny weather. sinatra.
new york city. graffiti. taiwan. typewriters. tumblers.
smiling. tennis. michael buble. friends.

fighting. yelling. drizzling.
bad luck. lost hope. non-believers. posers.
drama. epic sadness. fakers. liars. loneliness.
pairing names. drama. bad jokes. awkwardness.

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80s purple wayfarers, because paris never-ended, bob la blah loblaw, gibbs likes sawdust&women, huddy's sexy tiems, jcrew plaid shirts, latenights w/letterman, lemonlyman loves donna moss, tony/ziva are hot, ziva's orange watchcap